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Starry Night Owl, Kids Canvas Art Kit

    Starry Night Owl, Kids Canvas Art Kit


      Create your own owl art with this adorably pre-drawn, Van Gogh inspired Starry Night Owl Canvas Paint Kit for kids.

      With its paints, brushes, and ready-to-paint canvas, your little one will have their own little ode to Van Gogh in no time! (And you may even get a  masterpiece out of it!) Perfect for ages 6 and up

      Ready to create?  Order our starry owlCanvas Art Kit.  This kit includes:

      • Pre-drawn 9 x 12" canvas
      • Paints, glitter glue, glue
      • Brushes
      • Step-by-step instructions

      Choose a single, 3-pack or 6 pack for a paint party at home