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Gnome Lovers DIY Craft Box Bi-Monthly
Gnome Lovers DIY Craft Box Bi-Monthly
Gnome Lovers DIY Craft Box Bi-Monthly

    Gnome Lovers DIY Craft Box Bi-Monthly

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      Now Open For New Members.

      Welcome to our newest Subscription Art Box. The Gnome Lovers DIY Craft Box : BI-Monthly

      By joining you will receive a Gnome Wood Craft Project Every other month. 

      Designs each month will be themed and we rotate the projects: they may be a large 12" gnome, 2 smaller gnomes, desktop round or tier tray. All Gnome themed. 

      Choose either option:

      -Join our Club at $24.95 (for the no frills/no paint option) plus $7.95 for shipping if needed. You will be charged on the first of alternating months

      -or add a paint kit for $5 extra to be delivered every time for $29.95 plus 7.95 for shipping)

       Your Subscription will automatically renew every other month on the 1th. Cancel Anytime by the end of the previous month.

      The Gnome Box is a blank diy project only.

      What You'll Need

      1. Paint Brushes, we recommend purchasing a set from your local craft stores and using them over and over again.

      2. Acrylic paints, and Fine Glitter: Grab your favorite paints from Michaels or Hobby Lobby

      3. Craft, Wood or Super Glue: We use super glue for smaller items and wood glue for the bigger pieces.  We have youtube videos to assist you.

      4. Finishing Spray: If you are using your projects inside there's no need to spray.  But if you are going outside...We recommend clear spraying your projects with a protective finish to prevent from chipping, peeling, and fading.  Wood does not like to get wet.

      Billed and delivered every other month.  

      Cancellations must happen before the beginning of the delivery month

      $24.95 plus $7.95 shipping or choose local pickup if you live close.