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: DIY Wood Witchy Trio Shelf Sitter Project

    : DIY Wood Witchy Trio Shelf Sitter Project


      On sale this week

      comes with paint/brush kit $24

      Attention Witchy Lovers I put a spell on you:

      Craft a smile with this whimsical DIY Wood Witchy Trio Shelf Sitter project! This is a bare wood project. Tallest witch is 9.5"

      These are bare blanks, simply paint, glue and display.

      Shake up your spooky décor with this DIY Wood Witchy Trio Shelf Sitter Project! Put your crafty skills to the test with this one-of-a-kind project – you'll be able to brag about its handmade charm for years to come!

      Get 20% off your first order today, and let the witching hour begin!

      .Paint each layer and glue together. Don't forget Glitter, whoohoo.

      $29 for the bare wood witch trio project, add paints and brushes if needed at checkout