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Virtual Summer Art Camps with 6 awesome themes.
Limited Numbers Available!
These Camps are Virtual so you can take them at any time, after the scheduled camp.
❤️ “who doesn't love these themes💚
Class is $69 per camp, and we are Shipping these babies, thats right-right to your door. Shipping is included!!!
Kits will ship 7-10 days before camp starts.
Take Class Virtually with us or...
watch the replay, you can do this anytime at your convenience.
So many of you parents asked “what we have up our sleeve for Summer Break this year?”
These 6 Art Camps is the answer.
Ages 5-up
🖌 What are we making? Everything is “themed” inspired, but of course your art student can deviate. These projects are curated for success. Details will be released as samples are complete
✅ 1-surprise project
✅ 1-canvas painting (prescketched)
✅ 1-wood door hanger (pre-sketched)
✅ 1- Drawing
And extras to spoil your young artist.
Live days if you want to join class
or replay if you prefer
Live:10am-11:30 in our private Themed Art Camp fb group. You have plans during scheduled camp, no problem, grab the kit and do them anytime after the scheduled class.
As soon as class is over we email the video link to everyone so they can rewatch or watch at their convenience. And I mean anytime, lifetime access.
We have been successfully doing Art Classes this way since September it works great.
3 days***4projects***Keep them creating all through break $69 per camp. 
Don't live close enough to grab a kit? NO Problem, We can ship these kits anywhere in the U.S. (shipping FREE)
😊 Your Kids will be so proud of what they create.
🖊 To register simply click on the desired camps photo. Limited amounts.
Camp 1: Under the Sea: Sea Creatures
Camp 2: Camp half-Blood: Percy Jackson Mythical Creatures
Camp 3: Jurassic Park
Camp 4: Your Fave Pets
Camp 5: Minecraft and Fort Night
Camp 6: Dragons!!!!-enough said.