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Sunflower Tiered Tray Kit Shelf Sitter Set

    Sunflower Tiered Tray Kit Shelf Sitter Set


      Sunflower's are Sydney's fave flower.

      Bring some sunshiny goodness to your home with this Sunflower Tiered Tray Kit Shelf Sitter Set!

      This is a bare wood blank. Paint it your way, glue and display.Get your happy on with this fun flowery project!

      Grab this tiered tray, paint your style and display it proudly. Does not include the display

      With easy-to-assemble components and adorable design, it's the perfect way to show off your creative flair.

      Mix, match, paint, and personalize to your heart's content - get your flower power on! Perfect in your tiered trays or add to trucks, wagons, benches

      These are Hot Seller's!

      Paint, Glue and display.  Change out the inserts for a new look.

      They fit the wagon, bench or truck.  Add the Wagon or Bench if desired for $29 or truck for $34