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Clayopatra Arts Studio

Clayopatra Arts Studio, LLC              206-659-3376                                                                                                                                           clayopatra@comcast.net

Pottery-2-Go / Visiting Schools

We welcome Schools of any type  Preschool, Special Ed, HomeSchool, Montessori, or traditional.  We give a special discount for school because of classes are normally larger, and we love schools.  At our location or yours.

Here is a general listing of prices for our offerings with the assumption of 20 or more

                   1. Cups /plates   $10 each

                   2. Piggie Banks or Cupcakes boxes $10 each

                   3.  Tiles; 6”  $5 each ( must meet minimum), or  ”    

Clay Project Ideas


Stomp Plates

Fairy Doors

Pinch pot animal islands

Price is $18 per Student

Bisque Ware

Cup Cake Boxes


Coffee Cups

Switch Plates
Price as marked, ranging from $9 and up.  Clayopatra also offers custom made projects for sale.  

Bisqueware may be picked up a week after class.

OR…Let Clayopatra Bring the Party to You.  Minimum order of$150 FOR POTTERY PAINTING AT YOUR CHURCH, HOME, SCOUTS, SCHOOL…ETC…!!!  We bring the  pottery glazes and brushes, you provide the rest.